IXL Lounge road test – Infra-red Sauna Therapy


One of our favourite parts of our new CBD studio is that it is located inside Sharkra Medispa, meaning that we have pampering treatments available at our fingertips! Sharkra recently added an infra-red sauna to their offering, so the IXL team wanted to find out a bit more about it.The main difference between an infra-red sauna and a traditional sauna is that it is a dryer heat without the humidity. The heat travels deeper into the body, meaning that the body can release a higher level of toxins (compared to use of a regular sauna), resulting in more detoxification. The infra-red levels of near, middle and far wavelengths (referring to the intensity of the treatment) can be adjusted to suit your needs. Mind Body Green found that near infra-red levels are best for wound healing and increased immune function, middle infra-red levels are ideal for increasing circulation and promoting muscle relaxation, and far infra-red levels are used primarily for detoxification purposes.

Recently, the IXL team decided to test the sauna for ourselves and here are some of the benefits we found:


The rise in core body temperature helped us sweat out the toxins in our body, really great for warding off those winter sniffles! Not to mention a welcome break from the cold weather outside!

Skin cleansing.

We all noticed after our treatments our skin felt amazing! It was a great way to clear the pores in your face and give our skin some love.


We found our sessions left us feeling refreshed, some even found a nice little energy boost for the rest of their day!

Muscle recovery.

The infrared heat gets right into the joints and muscles helping with pain relief, stiff and sore muscles felt a lot better.


Spending 30 minutes or so in stillness and silence is a fantastic way to relax and take a break from your day. We liked to double our sauna time as a time for our meditation practice!

Infra-red saunas have also been shown to improve circulation, wound healing, lowering blood pressure and weight loss!

We all loved how we felt after our treatments and recommend the best time to try the sauna is straight after your yoga practice as you are already feeling nice and relaxed, and to get that muscle recovery.

We found that the treatments had a cumulative effect experiencing and increase of sweat/detoxification with regular sessions.

Contact Sharkra on 6224 3838 if you would like to find out more or book yourself in for a treatment, we are hooked!


IXL Lounge xx

This article was originally posted on the Sharkra Blog here


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